Source Code Debugging for ANSI-C and PEARL90

RT-Debug is a remote debugger that provides the full convenience of a graphical user interface even when developing programs for small systems. The separation into a powerful user interface and a small debugger core ensures the almost uninfluenced program behavior on the target system. By connecting the target system via standard network components, even remote monitoring via the Internet is possible.

The investigation of the program behavior is carried out continuously at source level. Whether CREST-C or PEARL90, RT-Debug offers access to all distinctive program objects and takes into account the special features of the individual languages.

The program flow is represented in the source code, access to variables is also possible for user-defined data types. The special features of multitasking in real-time systems RTOS-UH are fully controlled by the user.

RT-Debug offers support even for catastrophic program aborts such as bus or address errors: call stack/back trace and investigation of the variable values valid at the time of the crash usually quickly clarify the cause of such serious errors. In an emergency, access to assembler code, register contents and the administration data of individual tasks is also possible.

The values of all local and global variables are displayed in a variable window. For complex data types, the expandable tree view provides a quick overview and easy access to element variables. The symbolic designation of different data types facilitates the overview even for larger projects.
A Quick-Watch dialog displays all available information about individual variables and allows you to change the values directly.



Debugger Brochure