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Year 2000 statement

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An IEP product compatible with the year 2000 does not produce any errors in the processing of dates in connection with the turn of the year from 31.12.1999 to 01.01.2000. A product compatible with the year 2000 recognizes the year 2000 as a leap year.

Disclaimer of Warranty: The Declaration of Compatibility applies to IEP products as supplied by IEP. The declaration of compatibility does not include any programs or products created by the user or third parties. This Declaration of Compatibility does not constitute a guarantee and does not extend the provisions of existing guarantees. Any liability claims arising from the Declaration of compatibility is excluded. The information provided by IEP regarding the year 2000 is for the sole purpose of assisting our customers in planning the transition to the year 2000.


IEP-Product Version compatible Curtailment
RTOS-UH Nuk6.x yes none
RTOS-UH Nuk7.x yes none
CREST-C ab 2.544 conditionally see below
CREST-C ab 2.598 yes none
CoDeSys from 2.0 yes none
PEARL yes none
PEARL90 yes none
Hardware yes none


Date Abbreviation Problem
14.07.1999 Ko Creation of this page
25.10.1999 Ko Error in the library function strftime of the CREST-C compiler before version 2.598:
If the year is to be output with 2 digits using the %y format, a 100 is output instead of 00 if the year is ≥ 2000.
Remedy: Output date with 4 digits or update to new version.

Here we try to give a complete overview of all problems related to the year 2000 that affect our products. New findings will be published immediately on this page.