RTOS-UH Hardware


RTOS-UH Hardware components

RTOS-UH is available on numerous hardware components from different manufacturers. Should the use of RTOS-UH be planned on hardware for which no adaptation yet exists, we can usually port the operating system quickly and inexpensively.

Please ask for an offer if necessary. For a quick cost estimate we need a short description of the hardware.

RTOS-UH ports are usually available from stock for the hardware components listed in the following overview; the systems are subject to a continuous update service and can also be supplied in special configurations on request.

RTOS-UH Hardware components

Manufacturer Description bus Processor Function
Artesyn MVME5100 VME PPC7410
High-End VME PPC
  MVME5500 VME PPC7457
1 GHz
High-End VME PPC
  PMCspan PCI PCI Mezzanine Card Trägerboard
  Drivers available for many PMC and IP modules      
1.2 GHz
High-End 64-Bit PowerPC SBC
  div. VME high-quality I/O−Boards
IEP MOCS-5200 PBus MPC5200
400 MHz
SBC with System−Bus
  CORE5125 - MPC5125
400 MHz
CORE-Modul, 2xEthernet, CAN
  MOCS32 PBus 68332 SBC with System−Bus
  MOCAN-DK-V2 CAN-Bus MPC5125 Controller / SPS
  MOCOB CAN-Bus 68332 SBC, 232/422
  MOCAN-METH-V2 CAN MPC5125 SBC, Ethernet, CAN
  IF555-5 - MPC5125 SBC with digital/analog I/O, Ethernet, CAN, seriell, M-Bus
  Wide range of peripheral cards available for PBus      
Kontron VSBC32 VME 68360 SBC
  VSBC42/62−4/VIUC VME 68040/60 SBC
MCT MEGA332 68332 SBC
MOTOROLA MVME147 VME 68030 SBC with SCSI, Ethernet
  MVME162 VME 68040 CPU−Board, Module carrier for IP−Module
  MVME167 VME 68040 SBC with SCSI, Ethernet
  MVME172 VME 68060 CPU−Board, Module carrier for IP−Module
  MVME177 VME 68060 SBC with SCSI, Ethernet
Tews Technologies TVME8400 VME MPC8245
300 MHz
  TIP670 IP-Modul   digitale I/O
  TIP550 IP-Modul   12 Bit D/A