Virtual Graphics

under RTOS-UH

The virtual graphics driver allows real-time output of graphics and text screens generated under RTOS-UH to another device. Only a Java runtime environment must be available on this device, e.g. PCs with Windows or Linux as operating system are suitable. All keystrokes and mouse movements are forwarded to the RTOS-UH system, so that a remote control is possible.

Prerequisite on the RTOS-UH side is a network connection, so that the data can be transferred quickly. The processor load on the RTOS-UH side is relatively low, because the drawing is done on the PC.

The virtual graphics driver provides a virtual user interface under RTOS-UH, so that no serial interface or similar is required for operation. The following resolutions are available for the virtual graphic:

Thus a wide range of applications can be covered, e.g. it is possible to display a fast graphic on a remote control system.