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Terminal program for RTOS-UH

RTW is a program for controlling the real time multitasking operating system RTOS-UH via serial Interfaces (COM ports) or TCP/IP network (Telnet). The core of the RTW is a Televideo terminal emulation. This provides the original control options of the target operating system. Editors and Tools can be used on the target system itself. RTW also offers up- and download options of files and programs. The special properties of the target system are taken into account.

RTW's concept is the separation of development system (host) and real-time target system (target). On comfortable and powerful PCs or workstations, program packages are developed for target systems, which must meet special requirements with regard to real-time reactivity and functional stability.

The connection between the target system and the development computer can be established using a protocol-free serial interface (3-wire connection), a 5-wire connection with hardware handshake or also via a TCP/IP network. Via this connection, the target system can be observed and controlled in its temporal and functional behaviour. Programs can be loaded and started as well as interactively controlled.

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